Tattoo Removal/Fade

Skin Treatments

Active acne, Fractional Resurfacing, Radio frequency, Photo Facials, Illumi Facial, Skin Peel.

Scar Treatment

Scar revision, Acne scar revision, stretch mark reduction.

Pigmentation treatment.

Solar Lentigo -(Sun spots/Age spots ) Ephildes - (freckles)
Cafe Au Laits.

Vascular Lesions.

Red Vein, Thread vein, Spider Naevi, Cherry Angioma.

Radio Therapy Marks.

Medical tattoos from radiotherapy.

Vitamin boost injections


Illumi Facial - (Photo Facial)
1 hr, 10 mins
Illumi Facial - * You MUST have had a consultation/test patch & or the same treatment within the last 6 months to choose this option. PAYMENT BY CASH OR BANK TRANSFER ONLY ON THE DAY. Any new medica... Read more
Tri- Fruit Acid Skin Peel
30 mins
Price: From £60.00
Progress picture review
15 mins
Appointment for progress review.